July 2013

Ex-Gay Ministry Exodus Closes

As some of you may have heard Exodus International recently announced that they are shutting down the organization after 35 years of ministry. Exodus International has been the world’s largest umbrella organization of ministries that help people who are dealing with SSA and their families and Tower of Light Ministries has been a member of Exodus International for the past 7-8 years.

Exodus International was founded in 1976 and the founders of Exodus had a solid biblical view of homosexuality. The organization received a lot of press over the years and became the primary avenue for people to find biblical help and support for their same-sex attractions. However over of the past several years Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, adopted a more liberal view of homosexuality. Then in 2012 Alan Chambers started becoming vocal about his new liberal viewpoints including speaking at the Gay Christian Network. After that conference many of the Exodus leaders and their ministries left Exodus (including Frank Worthen the primary founder of Exodus) and formed another organization called Restored Hope Network. Restored Hope Network is a biblically-based umbrella organization for ministries helping people struggling with homosexuality and their families. I attended meetings in CA with them as they were forming RHN and was impressed by the spiritual maturity of the leadership, their commitment to loving people well while representing Biblical truth, and the amount of experience they have in ministry. Exodus is closing but Restored Hope Network has filled in the gap providing hope and support for those struggling with same-sex attractions and their families. To find out more about Restored Hope Network click here.

Tower of Light Ministries will continue to provide help and support to those struggling with same-sex attractions and their families as we have been.