Please Pray – Speaking at Senate Hearing Committee Tuesday AM

Please Pray – Speaking at Senate Hearing Committee Tuesday AM

The Washington State legislature is looking at passing a bill “Senate Bill 5870”  that will make it illegal for therapists to counsel minors who are wanting to get help with unwanted same-sex attractions.  There is a senate hearing committee meeting about this tomorrow between10am-12pm and I will be one of several people providing testimony in opposition to this bill and I would greatly appreciate your prayers.  I don’t normally get involved in political activity as I don’t want the ministry to be seen as anti-gay.  However this bill is aimed at making therapy inaccessible to youth who want to get help to live a life consistent with their beliefs and since providing people help for unwanted same-sex attractions is what I do, I felt I need to speak out on behalf of these young people.  Please pray for me, the others who are giving testimony, and that the bill would die in committee.

Last year a similar bill “House Bill 2451” passed the Washington State House of Representatives by a vote of 94 to 4 but was later narrowly defeated by the Senate Health Care Committee.  So far California, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. have all passed legislation banning therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attractions.  Encouraged by the legislation passed in these three areas there are now 20 states who are considering passing similar legislation including Washington.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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