July 2015

Such Were Some of You documentary 7pm July 10th!

Such_Were_Some_of_YouThis Friday evening I’ll be doing another screening of the documentary Such Were Some of You at 7:00pm at Northshore Community Church.  This professionally made, 2-hour documentary “tells the story of how people develop homosexual confusion and how Jesus Christ brings healing from those things that contribute to their same-sex attractions.” It includes many excerpts from the lives of 29 people who’ve walked out of homosexuality as the film describes how same-sex attractions develops in someone’s life, what the gay lifestyle was like for them, how they walked away from that, and what their journey with Christ has been like since. It’s a very informative and hopeful film.

For a short trailer of the documentary click here.

A follow-up on the June seminars

Hi everyone, It’s been a great summer so far, about 100 people attended the June 13th seminar in Monroe and another 250 people attended the one on June 20th at Northshore Community Church. It was very encouraging to see so many people wanting to learn more about this topic, even on gorgeous, summer Saturdays.  There have been a lot of requests for another seminar sometime soon and I am hoping to do another one this fall/winter.

As a result of the seminars I’ve had one person contact me for help with their struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions and a number of parents have come forward for support in loving their children well.  I’ve also heard from many people that they went away with a clear understanding of the scriptures, the truth behind the gay revisionist theology, and how to love people well in a scripturally appropriate way.

A big thank you to everyone who covered these events in prayer, they both went amazingly well.

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