September 2015

A Time of Ministry in Thailand

I just spent a week in early September teaching on sexuality at a Youth With a Mission “Foundations of Counseling Ministry” school (FCM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand and had a very productive time. Thailand is a very sexually broken country, famous for its sex trade where families often sell their children into prostitution and where it’s not uncommon for families to intentionally cause transgender issues in their boys. Thailand’s constitution is even being changed to include the “third gender”. Thailand is the world leader in the number of sex reassignment surgeries and transgendered people are very common. The third gender applies to transgender as well as those who don’t identity as either male or female, it’s very common to encounter people whose appearance is completely androgynous. It was very fulfilling to be able to teach on sexuality in a country that is so gender confused.

The people attending the FCM schools are generally career missionaries who want to better help those they’re reaching out to. Of course in the process God often brings up areas in their own lives where he wants to come in and heal. When I teach at FCMs I offer to meet with people who are wanting some personal ministry time with me. I spent the week teaching all morning and then spent many of the afternoons/evenings meeting with people individually, 11 people in total. Additional people wanted to meet with me but my calendar was completely full. It was an intense week for many people and I know a number of them had significant breakthroughs while I was there. I feel very blessed to have had such an impact on so many people’s lives. A big “Thank You” to all those who partner with me with your prayers and sacrificial giving.

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