April 2016

Another Great Year of Journey

The 27 week Journey program I run had our final evening and it was a special time of sharing what Jesus did in participant’s lives this year. Journey is a great program where we invite Jesus into areas of pain and brokenness in people’s lives.  It can be an intense year as people bring up things they’ve never talked about before but they often encounter Jesus in deeper ways than they have before as well. Each year I love to hear what God has done in people’s lives, how they experienced their heavenly Father’s love for them and hopefully been able to love themselves more as a result. Some comments people made regarding their year:

  • The greatest thing I learned is to remove my many masks with people. I learned to give the responsibility of my healing in my life to God and trust Him moment by moment.
  • The healing throughout Journey by all the leadership touched every part of my life. Just when I thought God wasn’t doing anything – then He burst heaven open!! SO much healing!!
  • I appreciated having a place to be 100% honest and cared about once a week

I also have a wonderful group of leaders who serve with me week-after-week and year-after-year. I feel very blessed to serve with this team who have a heart for helping hurting people.

It is such a privilege to walk with people on their journey!