Tranzformed Documentary

Tranzformed Documentary

As part of the Restored Hope Network Conference I attended in San Diego in June there was the screening of the new documentary Tranzformed. The documentary is on transgenderism and is an informative, biblically based, and compassionate film. It includes testimonies from 15 people who have struggled with transgenderism and found hope and healing with Jesus. You can watch a trailer for it here.

Some incredible stories of people who have walked out of transgenderism:  Kathy Grace who lived as man before God revealed her true identity to her: Part 1, Part 2. Daniel Delgado who grew up as a drag queen: Part 1, Part 2.  Walter Heyer who regrets having sex reassignment surgery Part 1, Part 2. Diamond Dee who went through sex reassignment surgery (his story is a little graphic) Part 1, Part 2.

Tranzformed was put together by the same people who did “Such Were Some of You” (for those struggling with homosexuality) and “How Do You Like Me Now?” (when a child, spouse or sibling says they’re gay).

You can purchase a copy of any of these on Amazon or from the producers at Pure Passion here.

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