LGBT – How Should We Respond? Sept 16, Oct 7

LGBT – How Should We Respond? Sept 16, Oct 7

If someone in your life tells you they struggle with homosexuality or transgender issues how would you respond? If someone asks you if people are born gay and if there is a possibility for change, what would you say? If someone says they’re a different gender inside than their biological gender how would you reply? If someone asks you what God says about homosexuality or transgenderism how would you answer?

There are 2 upcoming seminars where I will be addressing how we should respond to the various questions we face regarding these issues:

  • Saturday morning September 16 from 8:30-1:00 at Northwest Church in Federal Way, WA. Seating is limited so they’re asking people to register. Childcare is available but you must request it when registering.  To register click here
  • Saturday morning October 7 from 8:30-1:30 at Camano Chapel on Camano Island, WA. Lunch is provided. No childcare.

This is the same seminar I have done in the past so if you missed those or have friends who would like to attend this is their chance! I’ll be covering the scriptures on homosexuality and transgenderism, the gay revisionist theology that’s becoming increasingly popular, how same-sex attractions develops in someone’s life, and how we should respond to those who are dealing with these issues in their lives.

This is a unique opportunity to be informed and think through these critical issues in our culture and in the lives of those we know and love.

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