Fall Groups Starting – Sign up now!

Fall Groups Starting – Sign up now!

Summer is drawing to close, kids are heading back to school, and now is the perfect time to consider signing up for one of my groups to start/continue your healing journey.  This fall I have 2 groups for you to consider:

Taking Back Ground is for men struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). Its on Monday nights and works through material created specifically for people dealing with SSA.  It’s a safe place to start processing your story and to realize you’re not alone in the journey.

Journey is a prayer focused ministry for men and women on Wednesday evenings. While Journey is great for people wanting to work through a variety of issues it was initially developed for people with unwanted SSA and was broadened to address root issues common to everyone. It’s a very powerful, prayer ministry and if you’d like to participate this year please let me know ASAP because there’s an application process.

Both these groups start in 2 weeks so if you’d like to join one of them please contact me ASAP at jeffs@northshore.church or at 425-216-4443.

I also have a support group I refer people to for parents with a child involved with homosexuality. I know it can be a difficult, isolated journey for Christian parents of a gay identified child. It can very valuable to connect with other parents who are walking this same path with their children. If you’d like to connect with this group please contact me and I’d be happy to talk with you.

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