Law Bans Conversion Therapy for Minors

Law Bans Conversion Therapy for Minors

The main purpose for my writing this blog is to make you aware of what is happening in our legal system so you can be covering all of this in prayer. I know many of you have a heart for this ministry and for those struggling with unwanted LGBT issues and I highly covet your prayers.

The Washington State legislature recently voted into law a ban on conversion therapy for minors on the part of professional licensed therapists.  This law prohibits any effort to change a minor’s behaviors or gender expressions or help them reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) or transgender feelings.  Any counseling on the part of licensed therapists around a minor’s LGBT issues are only allowed to help them explore and develop their SSA and transgender feelings. It’s tragic that minors in Washington State can no longer get help from professional therapists to deal with their unwanted SSA or transgender issues. While this law only applies to minors it’s the first step in removing the rights of people with unwanted LGBT issues to get the help and support they need to live lives congruent with their faith.

California passed a similar law regarding minors several years ago and they’re now taking the next step, there is now a bill before the California legislature to ban all forms of help for adults with unwanted SSA and transgender feelings. As it’s currently written the bill not only applies to therapists but also pastors and lay people. This bill would also ban the sale of any literature that might help someone with unwanted SSA or transgender issues.

I don’t normally speak out politically because I don’t want to appear anti-LGBT, I want those dealing with LGBT issues to know I’m a safe person to come and talk to.  However since the WA State bill would impact those I minister to I felt a need to speak on behalf of future minors who will be denied professional help when the bill was passed. Despite those efforts the bill was passed and will now become law. As California has shown this is only the first step and if the new bill passes in California we can be assured it will be brought before the Washington legislature shortly thereafter and what is currently banned for minors will be banned for everyone.

One problem with these laws is that they don’t specify what conversion therapy is. There’s no set of therapeutic steps to go through to change someone’s orientation. At Tower of Light Ministries we don’t make any claims to change someone’s orientation “ Tower of Light Ministries uses Christian discipleship; our focus is on helping people develop a deeper relationship with Christ and bringing Him into the areas of pain and wounding in our lives. Our focus isn’t on making people heterosexual but on helping people live a life that’s in alignment with their faith. While we don’t focus on making people heterosexual, many people find that their same-sex attractions diminish over time and some have reported developing heterosexual attractions.”

Again, I highly covet your prayers and the purpose of this blog is to raise awareness so you can be praying appropriately.

The WA State law:

The California bill:

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