End of Year Giving by Dec 22nd

End of Year Giving by Dec 22nd

Hello everyone,Nativity

2014 is drawing to a close and it’s a time when many people do their end of year charitable giving.  I don’t normally do a formal ask for support but I’m posting this message because the organization that processes the donations for my support will be closed from Dec 22nd – until January 10th so if anyone would like to make  a tax deductible donation for 2014 it would need to be processed by them before December 22nd.  If you would like to make a contribution to the work that I do helping those struggling with same-sex attractions get the help and support they need, in educating the church so that we can love people in a loving yet Biblically appropriate way, in supporting parents, family members and spouses who are impacted by their loved ones SSA, etc. you can do so here.

While your financial support is highly appreciated there is also a spiritual battle going on for the souls of those I minister to and I would greatly covet your prayers.

Thank you for your support and I pray that you find Christ in your Christmas this year.


Jeff Simunds

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