Senate Bill 5870 cancelled – Substitute bill going forward

Senate Bill 5870 cancelled – Substitute bill going forward

Thank you everyone so much for your prayers regarding Senate Bill 5870.  The Senate Bill 5870 that would prohibit the counseling of minors with same-sex attractions was voted out of committee on Friday.  In place of that bill they’ve put together a Substitute Senate Bill 5870

The wording has changed from prohibiting all “sexual orientation change efforts” to prohibiting the more physical “aversive” therapies for minors.  It prohibits the use of “electrical shock, extreme temperatures, prolonged isolation, chemically induced nausea or vomiting, assault as defined in chapter 9A.36 RCW, or other procedures intending to cause pain, discomfort, or unpleasant sensations to the client or patient.”  It does not prohibit “those practices, treatments, or therapies that are within the standards of practice for license holders….”.

This bill is a huge improvement as the initial bill prohibited all forms of therapy for minors.  I’ve not known anyone to use any of the physical aversion techniques they’ve specified in decades so I don’t think that portion will affect any therapists I’m aware of.

Again, thank you everyone so much for your prayers!

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