Senate Bill 5870 Final Resolution

Senate Bill 5870 Final Resolution

Hi everyone,

I thought I would update you on the final status of the Washington State Senate bill 5870, a bill that would make it illegal for therapists to counsel minors who want help with their unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). While I don’t normally get involved in the politics around homosexual issues I did testify before the Senate hearing committee on bill 5870 because my heart is to help those with unwanted SSA get the help and support they need to live a life that’s in alignment with their personal beliefs. This bill would deny youth the right to seek the help and support they desire so I was willing to speak out on this issue. After several people and I testified at the senate hearing the senators modified the bill to make it illegal to do shock therapy, ice baths, etc. (something everyone is in agreement on) for minors who struggle with SSA but to continue to allow talk therapy. The bill went to the House of Representatives where it was changed back to include making it illegal to do talk therapy as well and the House of Representatives passed the bill. The bill went back to the Senate where it thankfully died.

While the bill died this year it has passed in several other states and we can assume it will be brought before our state congress again next year.

For an overview of what happened you can read more about it here:

Thank you all for your prayers and support around this.


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