Testimony – Happy News

Testimony – Happy News

bros around a coffee table (002)Many of the men coming for help with unwanted same-sex attractions don’t feel like they fit with other men, that they’re different from other men and that difference has them feeling like they’re on the outside of real men looking in. Part of the journey is acquiring a sense that who they are as a man with their own unique mix of characteristics is fine; that they’re a man amongst men; that they fit with men. I’m bringing this up because I recently received a very cool email from one of the men who participated in my Living Waters/Journey program. I asked him if I could share it with others on my blog and he gave his permission.

“Today I am writing you about some happy news for me. Last night I went to my first mainstream men’s bible study. During introductions I said a few things about me, and then the guy next to me said, “Yeah, we are all like that. It comes with having a Y chromosome”. The part that was so great for me, was that I genuinely agreed with him. I am a guy like any other guy (Check it out Jeff – I’m quoting you). I FIT in this group of guys.

I know that when I came to Living Waters, I wanted a complete one-hundred and eighty degree change in my sexual orientation. That didn’t happen, but I love the smaller changes just as much. I really love feeling like I belong in whatever group I am in. For me, this is a new feeling; for me this is a big deal. To me, this is happy news.”

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